The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Writing an Escort Ad

This is a very quick “what not to do” post.

One escort I saw online described herself as a “top chef” escort. From the context of her sentence, she wasn’t referring to her culinary abilities; instead she was comparing herself to a slightly more expensive margarita: top shelf.

I imagine her mistake came about because she drank a lot of margaritas and never clearly understood what the bartender was saying when she ordered one.

Some simple guidelines to avoid this:

  1. Proofread. If you never paid attention in school, find a friend who did and get them to proofread for you.
  2. Don’t compare yourself to food, cars, clothes, shoes, diamonds or any other inanimate object. I’d also refrain from comparing yourself to the elements. Animals and plants are iffy — they’re living creatures and many humans have similar qualities. That doesn’t always mean it needs to be in your ad, though.
  3. Drop the superlatives. Writing a straightforward ad about who you are as an escort is really the easiest way to go. It’s hard to mess it up (if you proofread).

The Hard Sell

There is a lot more discussion on writing your ads (and website content) in Book 2: Advertising and Marketing 🙂