The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Do You Want a Consultation?

I’ve recently been asked if I offer consultations. Online gurus (on all topics) offer consultations, so why don’t I?

While it’s fun to think about being paid X amount for a phone call or e-mail, the simple truth is that my subject matter prevents it. While the book was still being edited, I consulted with a media lawyer (lawyers often offer phone consultations). She advised me on many things. Although she was not criminal attorney, she advised me against consultations. It was never my main focus but she brought up the point anyway.

Free Speech

Despite the possibly inflammatory content of my book, the First Amendment protects me as long as I can prove I took certain steps to protect others (and myself). My rights to free speech stop when I begin advising an individual how to commit a potentially illegal act. Whether through e-mail, phone call or face-to-face meeting, I can be charged with pandering, a very serious offense. Crossing state lines with such correspondence elevates my charges to a felony (a state line is easily crossed with a phone call or e-mail). A long prison term outweighs any benefits I might gain by promoting myself a personal consultant. At least, that’s how I look at it.

The Media

I intend to promote myself as a consultant to the media. Those are the sort of people who get tapped for opinions about current events within their field of expertise. When the topic is sex work pretty much the same people get all the attention. Usually those people haven’t worked in a very long time or their appearance doesn’t lend itself to the belief that they were very successful. I hope to grab attention because I’m attractive new blood.

Real-life Scenarios

The time-honored method of entering the adult industry is through a friend who becomes a mentor. Most police departments consider this pandering. But if the mentoring never goes beyond two trusting friends, who’s to know?

This is one of the problems many new escorts face. Because the Internet makes it seem so easy to work as an escort, new girls decide to try it but don’t know anyone in the business and have little way to get their questions answered. They might approach individual escorts for help (I’ve received some of these e-mails). Smart escorts will politely turn these requests down. There’s no way of knowing who really is on the other end. Girls with questions but no mentor end up in a Catch-22. The laws in this country don’t make it easy for a woman to gain knowledge that could help her stay safe. (But that’s a whole other post.)

What I Can Do

My gamble is that it’s okay for me to discuss, in detail, any topic I desire; as long as it’s to a broad, undefined audience. But I can’t meet members of that audience and have a specific discussion with individuals.

What I’m Doing for You

This brings us back to my book. I try to cover as much ground as possible, in great detail, so that questions are answered. I’m putting everything I know into my books. I’m not holding back any extra-special “secrets.” I would love to offer consultation for those with more questions, but, at the moment, I cannot. Maybe someday I can.

On the other hand, it means that e-mails with me are free (although maybe somewhat vague) and my book stays inexpensive because I’m not trying to sell consulting services, simply 214 printed and bound pages.