The Internet Escort’s Handbook

Safe, Sane, Successful Escort Work is Possible!

What The Handbook is Not

If you’ve Googled any phrases like “become an escort” or “learn to be an escort” or something along these lines, then you’ve probably come across a couple of pricey e-books aimed at beginning female escorts.

There are several books about being a male escort, both gay and straight. I won’t make comments since that’s not my area of expertise. But I do know that men who want to become escorts in the hopes of having lots of sex with women may not want to quit their day jobs.

I want to talk about what my series is not, especially since you won’t come across this Web site in the paid-inclusion section of Google results.

One of the e-books aimed at educating escorts is written mostly with the view that the reader will want to work with an agency. There’s nothing wrong with that, but a reader who wants to know about becoming an independent escort won’t be able to learn everything she needs to know about running her own business. And, in my opinion, the table of contents gave short shrift to the personal aspects of the business that the escort will encounter.

Personally, I like to know everything I can about running my own business that way I can chose what I want to outsource and what I want to do myself. Having choices gives me power and control. But hey, that’s just how I like to do things.

The other ebook you’re likely to run across talks about earning lots of money with what the author claims to be legal escorting. The author sells separate e-books on being an escort, starting an escort agency and becoming a driver for escorts. Reading through the website will enlighten you.

She promises to reveal how an escort can make $1000 with 10 minutes worth of talk-time. This is all the time necessary to spend with the client and no clothes have to come off (this is what makes it legal, in her opinion). She advises agency-owner wannabes to charge the credit cards of clients before the escort arrives at the door. And I can only assume that the driver in question is there to back up the escort during that oh-so-special 10 minutes she spends with the (probably terrified and/or angry) client.

This woman is selling a system of extortion. There’s nothing else it can be. (She has an article aimed at agency owners and cautions them that if a guy actually calls back to request a certain girl that they’re probably having sex, otherwise he’d never call back.) The fact that she’s so blatantly selling a how-to for wannabe scam-artists makes me wonder if I’d get anything for my money if I ordered one of her books.

My Internet Escort’s Handbook series is not any of the above. I take the business seriously and write about the issues an escort will face with her business. I don’t feel I’m promoting ‘illegal’ escort practices. I discuss how a woman can sell her time coupled with her personality. What happens between consenting adults in their own private space is no one’s business.

I firmly believe that one can run an honest, ethical business and be successful.

If the idea of being an honest, independent escort intrigues you, then click on the big link at the top of the page (“The Book”) to take a look through my first book in the series.