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Walking and Your Heart Rate

Although I discuss appearance in-depth in the first book (The Foundation), I don’t harangue escorts on dieting or working out. Being healthy and presenting a polished appearance is far more important to your happiness and attracting good clients.

But for those who may want a simple idea for working out, here are a few tips.

You probably already know the state of your health and body. A realistic assessment with a mirror and a flight of stairs will tell you if you’re in good condition, need to lose weight or improve your aerobic function.

If you decide you want to shed some weight or improve your aerobic capacity, then more physical activity is a must. A simple way to do this is by walking. It works for European women. It will work for you too.

But if your life doesn’t allow you to spend all day walking from place to place, you’ll need to hit the gym. For your activity to be effective, you must sustain your target heart rate for 30 minutes (or more), anywhere from 3-6 times a week. This means you’ll spend 10-15 minutes warming up and reaching your target heart rate, at least 30 minutes sustaining it, plus another 15 minutes or so to properly cool down and stretch. (I said walking was a simple way to exercise, not a fast way!)

Reaching your target heart rate is very important because that’s what really burns calories while strengthening your heart and lungs. Walking for 45 minutes a day won’t build a whole lot of muscle, although you will become toned. Lifting weights for 45 minutes a day will build lean muscle (most women don’t “bulk” up).

Finding your target heart rate is half the battle. Here’s a detailed article. It explains everything I’ve had a trainer explain to me. The math required to find your target heart rate is easy. The catch is that you have to remember your heart zones and keep monitoring your heart rate while working out.

This means you will need to periodically stop and take your pulse or you will have to buy a gadget. Heart-rate monitors can get expensive, but I found a monitor that straps on my wrist (like a watch) and tells me my heart rate at the push of a button. It cost about $40 from Target.

The second half of the battle is finding the time to work out! It’s not easy. I’ve been on good schedules, then life gets in the way and I lose my workout time. Going to the gym on a regular basis is boring (except for some classes). The way I look at it? It’s me time! I can totally zone out or I can think about problems. Whichever. My body is getting healthier and I get a time-out from the day.

If you’re new to working out, then a program of walking probably won’t get you in shape to be a swimwear model. But it will have very good, and visible, effects on your body with just a few weeks of dedication.

Being active makes the body happy, naturally. It’s what we’re meant to do. And feeling better about yourself is a great, indulgent reason to work out.