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Transitioning From Stripper to Escort Part 1 of 2

This is a two-part series inspired by a couple conversations with strippers who want to try escort work.

What led me, a stripper, to try escort work?

I’ve been interested in all forms of sex work since a very young age. Lacking enough confidence and information to try working as an independent escort, I turned to stripping my last year in college. Stripping is a major confidence boost for some girls; it wasn’t for me. After becoming completely burned out, I had two options: start at the bottom in my chosen field or try escort work – something I was still curious about.

Since I had a friend who was an escort and she agreed to give me advice, I went for it. I knew that if I didn’t try it now, I would never have the courage to try it later in life. And besides, if it didn’t work out, only a handful of people would ever know. It would be a lesson learned.

So I began researching as much as I could in late 2001. There weren’t really any recent escort books at that time, but I spent a lot of time reading ASPD forums and was horrified. My mentor laughed and told me it was nothing like what was on the boards.

She was right. It wasn’t.

A Trial Weekend

When I finally decided to give it a go, she helped me plan for a weekend trip. We both understood it was a trial-run. She told me to try it in a city far from where I lived. I picked Washington, DC – where she was planning to tour and was far from Dallas.

Because of her trip, I knew the dates. I had about a week to plan everything. I forced my cell phone provider to remove my name from the phone so when I called anyone only my number would show up. I had my ex-boyfriend take quick snapshots in her beautiful bedroom (these ended up being some of my most popular pictures). I paid Eros for my ad and submitted my model release. I booked a plane, rental car and hotel where she was staying.

I was going to be in DC for 3 days. Long enough to decide if this was the right path for me.

I did not tell anyone not involved in the process. Why create unnecessary worry? I didn’t know how this would work out. After all, I’d spent the past four years dealing with drunk people in really noisy, dark places. Would this be worse? Better? Excruciating? Weird? How would I take care of myself? Was there any way for this to be safe or fun?

I was going to find out…

Part 2 details my first appointment.