The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Lessons From Spitzer

Don’t Use Agencies

1. Don’t use agencies. Though he led authorities to the agency (they were not under investigation otherwise), the rest of the time agencies are busted because they are under investigation – which leads to client records.

2. Don’t use agencies. In the current legal climate of the US, agencies are charged with felonies: pandering, money laundering, tax evasion, violating federal trafficking laws. Because they are an agency these charges are easy to make, difficult to successfully fight.

3. Don’t use agencies. Good agencies that care about their employees’ well-being need to screen clients and this information is saved. It’s responsible — but again, it makes it easy to bring felony charges against them and easy to out clients. Though clients are rarely arrested in agency busts, they are often outed.

4. Don’t use agencies. Good agencies often attract college students or girls who are using this as temporary employment while starting a career. An agency bust often leads to the arrest and outing of its employees. If you have a favorite agency girl, encourage her to go independent (indie). It’s more hassle but may save her future career.

Independent Escorts

Independent escorts are the way to go. Currently, indies can only break local laws – no felonies involved. (There is the matter of crossing state lines for appointments, but I’m not going to go into detail there.) There is an amended trafficking bill (TVPA) that would make even indies into felons, but it hasn’t come up for vote yet.

Most indies who are arrested are thrown in jail, do their time/pay their fine and go on with their lives. Client records (if any) don’t seem to be important to police. Since most indies need to go back to escort work to pay off their fines and court costs, it’s in their best interests not to out their clients. Though police like to rack up the charges, an independent escort who has no illegal drugs and no business arrangements with anyone else is not a big deal (legally speaking).

Police do run stings for clients online; currently CraigsList is popular. Do homework on an escort: her reviews, discussion board postings, blog or anything else about her online. Having a history is a good thing.

Asking if she’s a cop will not get you a straight answer.

Being willing to pay a little more for her company if she’s a well-established escort may mean peace of mind. An escort with a good reputation wants to protect it because it means her livelihood.

And cautious escorts need to screen. Be aware of this need. (Undercover cops may screen but don’t really need to; if they’re going to sting you, they’re going to end up with all your personal info anyway.) Ask the indie what she does with your screening info (be prepared for her to keep it until after your appointment).

I expect clients and providers to become even more cautious after this. It’s ridiculous to have to play such games with the state over a private matter between consenting adults. Understand that the escort or agency is not your enemy.

Online Escorts

Though the US has become aware of CraigsList Erotic Services section, the Spitzer scandal is going to encourage law enforcement to target more online escort agencies. Already the media is in a frenzy discovering the online escort world beyond CraigsList. Though police certainly know about advertising malls and review/discussion boards, CraigsList offers easy pickings and has had the public’s attention. Now the public’s attention is going to broaden, which will have consequences for all.