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On the air with Sex Talk!

This Sunday night, 12/2/07, I’m going to be on-air with Bob and Andrea of Sex Talk – a weekly 2hr radio show out of Bowling Green, Ohio (I think it’s a college radio station). It won’t be a straight two hours of me talking; the show is interspersed with news and bits of local interest. The show encourages call-ins and since Andrea is a sex educator and professional counselor, I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of advice-type questions.

The show seems like it’s going to be rather open-format, so listen in. You never know what might come up! And if you think it’s boring, well, call in and stir it up!

The Details

  • Who: Bob and Andrea Adams-Miller, along with RJ and Dara
  • When: 12/2/07, 10-12pm EST
  • Tune In: 88.1 FM in the Bowling Green and surrounding areas
  • Online: listen directly via QuickTime or link to a 3rd-party media player
  • Call In: 1-888-7-WBGUFM Andrea told me they can get 3-6 callers on the air at the same time

Just for Fun

The Sex Talk show on MySpace