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SEO For The Escort Industry in 2014

SEO is a complicated business and one that is constantly changing. For any industry it’s a challenge, however simple search engine optimisation for the escort industry can be even harder. I’ve been working with a UK agency and have found some techniques that work in the adult industry; I hope you find them useful!

1. Your Website
Google has made a number of major algorithmic changes, particularly over the last two years. One of the main ones is a transition from using link building as a big ranking factor to using other website attributes as ranking factors; namely social media and onsite optimisation. In the last year I have built very few links to the site I work on, instead there has been a major shift to a focus onsite, and I therefore recommend the following:

Onsite Structure: Firstly, ensure there is only one version of your website online. For example, a website that has a home page accessible via multiple web addresses needs fixing, test your website for common home page variances as per the below:

Correct address:

Possible variances:

If you can reach your website via multiple web addresses, then you should go to a SEO professional, and request a site audit and if necessary, 301 redirects from all variances to the main, correct web address. Google could see you as producing duplicate content if you have multiple versions of your home page and penalize you, so take this simple precaution. Unfortunately this requires a professional’s input.

2. Meta Data
Meta data is the information that shows when people find your site on Google – made up of a meta title and a meta description. CMS systems – particularly WordPress – are built with SEO in mind and there are plenty of free plugins (easy to access and install via the plugins page) that allow you to put meta data in to the site. With all the recent changes, meta data has become important to have on your site, so here are some basic guidelines to follow when implementing it:

• Meta title should be no more than 70 characters long
• Meta title should always include brand name
• Meta title should be a brief, concise description of what the site is about, i.e.: “Escort Agency Based in California | Escort Agency Name” or “Escorts Available in California | Escort Agency Name”
• Meta description should be no longer than 156 characters
• Meta description should entice the person viewing to click on the link and view your site i.e. “Beautiful, professional escort services in and around California. Visit us online to learn more”.
• The meta title and meta description should be unique on every page of your website, no two pages should be the same

3. Blogging
Instead of building links to your site, blogging is now a really great tool. But what do you blog about? And how do you link this to your social media?

News about your particular business is always good to blog about, but what about when you’ve got nothing particularly ground breaking to report? Nowadays there are a lot of major publications that publish surveys about sex (thanks Fifty Shades of Grey!). If you visit Google, type in for example “sex survey” and filter by “news” so only actual news items come up, you’ll find a number of fascinating things to write about written by valid sources. We’ve used pieces by Sky News, the BBC and The Sun newspaper before and found they bring lots of traffic and are genuinely interesting – for example did you know that in the UK, the number of women “ok” with a one night stand has risen from 5.4% to 13% in the past year? Us neither!

Content rather than links now plays a big part in SEO, so publish new, relevant and interesting content on your website regularly, once weekly is a good frequency to aim for.

4. CMS
As mentioned above, WordPress in particular as a CMS system is very SEO-friendly. To create a new blog post in WordPress simply log in to the dashboard, then go to Posts – Add New. If you don’t currently have the feature to add meta data to your site, go to Plugins – Add New and search “Yoast”. The best meta data plugin in my personal experience is one called “WordPress SEO by Yoast”. Please, please, please though, if you are unsure just ask your SEO or web developer to install the ability to input meta data – it can be a lot more hassle to undo mistakes then to get a plugin installed by a professional!

Social_Media5. Social Media
If you decide to use social media for your escort website firstly, be sure to check your privacy settings. Keeping yourself safe online is paramount, particularly in this industry so make sure only people you want to see what you are posting are actually seeing it!

When you blog, post links back to your blog on to social media platforms to drive traffic to your new content and promote it. You don’t need to solely link back to your site though, if you find an interesting news item on the web you might like to post about that – industry related news and personal opinion make a social media account interesting. Promote your services by all means, but be a personality online too. Finally, above all, be aware that social media is public at all times – so be careful what you post.

6. Link Building
Don’t buy links, whatever the offers you receive into your mailbox! Google is clamping down on this – heavily. If you come across a website which would benefit from linking to your site, perhaps by a guest post (such as this!) then by all means go for it, but its not like it used to be so steer clear of purchasing links.

I hope that helps you in marketing your escort website! The guidelines for the adult industry are the same as for the non-adult industry, however in the adult industry there are likely to be more “shady” sites trying to manipulate their way to the top. Therefore, being genuine and producing a user-friendly, Google-friendly, honest website with a social media presence and regular content that readers engage in, should stand you in good stead for ranking and future-proof you as far as possible for any major algorithmic changes that are brought out.

Guest author Charlotte currently works with UK escort agency Night & Day – she’ll be writing two more blogs on local search and blackhat tactics so watch this space!