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New Review!

Book 1: The Foundation has been reviewed by The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality. You can read the full review here.

It’s a very positive review and an important one to me. Because it’s highly unlikely these books will reviewed by the usual book-review outlets; getting a positive review from an academic source means a lot. It’s nice to know my work has passed muster with those who take sex seriously.

The minor negative points of the review made me realize, as ever, that I need to work on communicating clearly. There’s several writing lessons right there. On the other hand, points that I felt would be viewed as negatives weren’t even mentioned (maybe he ran out of room).

I’m quite happy with the review, so please go read it. (It’s also posted on the book’s site here.)

On a personal note: last night I recieved a message from Dr. Morrison. I was too nervous to open the e-mail. This morning I finally did, adrenaline pumping, dreading the news. It was a simple message that my review was up. Turns out there was nothing to get overly excited about. But I’d managed to ruin breakfast for myself as I was too wound up to eat. I spent the next hour pacing around until I burned off the energy. I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned there, too.