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Reporters Experiment With CraigsList

Due to the huge amount of media attention that CraigsList has drawn over the past year, a news team decided to try their own experiment. The stunt was to post a “casual encounters” ad of a women looking for no-strings fun. The reporters were astonished when men replied to the ad. Even more disturbing, a lot of the men were actually sounded nice and were looking for a relationship! Imagine that! Looking for a relationship online.

Then they posted a fake escort ad in the “erotic services” section, with and without a picture. Not surprisingly, they got a response. (A lot of responses wanted uncovered blowjobs, also not a surprise.)

What does all this prove?

  • The media are desperate for as much attention as women posting on CraigsList.
  • Men are looking for sex, both paid and unpaid, on CraigsList. (Then again, men look for sex in men’s bathrooms too.)
  • Men responding to escort ads and asking about specific sex acts are not discreet or smart. Girls who respond to these guys are neither as well.
  • No one seemed to be harmed in the experiment, except perhaps the men who never heard back from someone they hoped would contact them. Sort of exploitative of the reporters, isn’t it?