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Boudoir Posing Ebook

Boudoir photographer Rachel Stephens has started sharing her secrets over the past year via workshops and selling Photoshop packages. Now she’s expanded to ebooks. Her current offer is an ebook on posing — sharing all the secrets of her instantly identifiable poses.


You can download a free PDF preview of her ebook. The ebook itself is available for $15.

She details every aspect of her poses, which is great for someone who is a not a professional model. This info is handy for models, photographers and DIY types. She also talks about her shooting style and equipment, which may be of interest to anyone who was intrigued with Megan Love’s interview.

At some point I will probably order her Workshop in a Box, though I’m not interested in the pro-photographer aspects. I’m looking to improve my modeling abilities and have some fun creating sexy selfies. Anyone else on the same journey?