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On Playboy Radio!

I’m very excited to be on Tiffany Granath’s “Afternoon Advice” show on Playboy Radio this Friday. I’ve listened to that show for over a year now (in bits and pieces) and have been too shy to try being a guest. But I’m working with somone who’s helping me get over that.

Should be an interesting and sexy discussion!

The Details

  • Who: Tiffany Granath
  • What: “Afternoon Advice”
  • When: Friday, 12/14/07, 1pm PST (for about 30 minutes)
  • Where: Playboy Radio, Sirius Channel 198
  • Online: Playboy Radio
  • Call In: (877) 205-9796

Although Sirius has a free trial subscription, apparently only paid subscribers can listen to Playboy Radio. (And I’ve been told that copies of the show will not be available.)

This is my last radio spot planned until January — unless something comes up between now and then.