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Amanda BrooksThe Notebook is an information-packed blog for escorts by escort Amanda Brooks. (For a more intimate peek into Amanda’s mind, check out After Hours, her personal blog.) Amanda offers up nuts-and-bolts discussion on a variety of topics, from writing a captivating escort ad to free online advertising opportunities to knowing your rights as an escort. Of course, there’s always the Internet Escort’s Handbook series, which is far more extensive than this blog.

Know Your Rights!

A new administration, continuing crackdowns on CraigsList and sex workers watching their incomes fall leave many vulnerable who haven’t worried before. Just in time, SWOP-Chicago has released two videos for all sex workers who face the possibility of arrest on prostitution charges. It’s an excellent resource for all. I highly encourage anyone reading this blog […]

Book #2 is on the way!

Yes, finally, it is. First, thank you for your patience. I make big plans, but they aren’t always on the timetable I’d like. It is printed and should be at my fulfillment center within a week. It won’t be available to the public for another couple weeks. If you want a jump on things, you […]

CNBC Looks at High-End Escorts

For those who are curious to hear about high-end escort work from escorts in their own words, you can tune in tonight at 10pm to watch The Business of High-End Prostitution. Yours truly is there as well. The entire show should be of interest.

When Will Book 2 Be Out?

I’m starting to worry about a pitchfork-bearing mob; hopefully this explanation will help. Golden Girl Press is a very tiny company funded by one person. Though the company takes care of its own day-to-day expenses, the big things – like printing Book #2 – come out of the pocket of the company’s founder/owner. Right now, […]

First Book Reading!

My first-ever book-reading is this Sunday, 7/20 at Early2Bed in Chicago at 6:30pm. I’m sure not everyone reading this is in Chicago, but for those who are, please come by and show your support. I’ll be reading from Book 2: Advertising and Marketing. Should be interesting.