The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Amanda BrooksThe Notebook is an information-packed blog for escorts by escort Amanda Brooks. (For a more intimate peek into Amanda’s mind, check out After Hours, her personal blog.) Amanda offers up nuts-and-bolts discussion on a variety of topics, from writing a captivating escort ad to free online advertising opportunities to knowing your rights as an escort. Of course, there’s always the Internet Escort’s Handbook series, which is far more extensive than this blog.

A Week of Business Development

There are a lot of reasons to attend the Desiree Alliance Conference in Las Vegas at the end of July — readers of this blog may be interested in looking at the Business Development track. It’s a week chock full of business info and ideas. Today is the last day for registration, so please get […]

Escort Emergency Start-Up Kit

A reader asked me a very good question, one that I’ve confronted more than once in my own life: What if one is ready to get started as an Internet escort now and is on a budget that’s not getting any larger as the days go by? What can one do to safely and successfully […]

Writing an Escort Ad

This is a very quick “what not to do” post. One escort I saw online described herself as a “top chef” escort. From the context of her sentence, she wasn’t referring to her culinary abilities; instead she was comparing herself to a slightly more expensive margarita: top shelf. I imagine her mistake came about because […]

Field Testing: Having Sex on Your Period

Warning: if you’re put off by very frank discussion of the female body and its functions, you should probably stop reading right now. I’m going to talk about menstrual cycles in a non-titillating manner. In Book 1 I outline several methods of dealing with your period while working. I hadn’t tried them all when I […]