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Amanda BrooksThe Notebook is an information-packed blog for escorts by escort Amanda Brooks. (For a more intimate peek into Amanda’s mind, check out After Hours, her personal blog.) Amanda offers up nuts-and-bolts discussion on a variety of topics, from writing a captivating escort ad to free online advertising opportunities to knowing your rights as an escort. Of course, there’s always the Internet Escort’s Handbook series, which is far more extensive than this blog.

Free Makeup Lessons

I love makeup. I’ve been fascinated since I was young. Part of it is my desire to be a painter (desire, but not the skill), part of it is simply the fun of dressing up. I’ve learned a lot from beauty magazines and personal experimentation. I’ve read every makeup book I’ve ever been able to get my hands on. Still, something has always been lacking. When I’ve been made up by professionals the lack is obvious. [continue reading]