The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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When You DON’T Need a Site Disclaimer

Though I’ve discussed Web site disclaimers both here and in Book 2, the truth is your site may not require a disclaimer.

If the site is simple and doesn’t allude to sexual activity (paid or unpaid), and your photos are unrevealing; an age limit and/or 2257 statement could be completely unnecessary. You might still want a Disclaimer page to make a copyright statement or to provide visitors the chance to leave if they’ve truly found your site by accident. But if you don’t have this extra page at the front of your site you should not be breaking any current stated Internet laws (I’m not a lawyer and this is not substitute for legal counsel).

I have a Disclaimer on this site (though not the blog since it’s within the site’s structure) because I feel it’s proper. Though I doubt anyone has reached this site looking for information on anything other than safer sex or Internet escorts, I want to cover my bases. The topic is volatile enough.

But a well-made escort site with nothing more than PG-rated content may not have to worry about making a disclaimer at all.