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Eros Schemeros

“Advertise on Eros!” or “Get in the Eros Zine!” Great suggestions.

When I got serious about doing this book series, I knew the first and best place to advertise would be Naturally. I didn’t give it a second thought until my book was being printed and I was ready to start advertising.

Do your research. I say this all the time and sometimes have to relearn the lesson. Doing research well in advance usually prevents unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

My book was being printed when I called Eros to discuss my advertising options. I was transferred to a manager when I told the telephone rep that I failed to understand why I couldn’t advertise on there. The manager didn’t want to explain himself any further than saying that my book’s ad would ruin the “aesthetics” of the site. A photo of a book’s cover and a text ad was going to ruin the aesthetics of a site that has to digitally blur photos of girls inserting sex toys into their orifices? Oookaay.

I believe Eros takes advantage of their power as an advertiser because their advertising rates keep going up and are well beyond what any other online advertiser charges. They lost the chance to make money off of me for a second time, (I’m a former Eros escort-advertiser), which was astounding. Everyone has boundaries, even Web sites and I have to honor their boundary. Apparently Eros doesn’t like ads for anything other than humans on its site.

The Eros-Guide manager recommended the Eros Zine to me. At the time, last fall, there was no place to actually advertise on the Zine, mostly because their “classified ads” link leads one straight back to the homepage of that city’s Eros-Guide (the online Zine is based in a handful of cities). There’s no mistaking what those ads are for.

The ad format has recently changed on Eros Zine and they now have expensive paid advertising on the right-hand side with the “photo classifieds” on the left.

Since I couldn’t advertise, I asked them for a book review. Pretty natural, right? The reviewer replied back, nicely, letting me know that Eros Zine has “moved away from escorting and sex work themes.” Oh, what a relief! I thought those “classified” ads might lead one into dangerous assumptions about Eros Zine’s basic funding – it’s great to know that Eros Zine, in fact, has nothing to do with escorts and/or sex work.

Their decisions have saved me enormous advertising debt. Still, both venues would’ve been great places to advertise. When I was an escort, I got all sorts of e-mail advertisements from my Eros ad; obviously my e-mail address was collected by spam-bots or by hand. Now I wonder if those advertisers were shut out too, or if they just preferred this method of marketing.

I think the day is coming when online escort advertising malls will have to start acknowledging that there are more resources out there for escorts than just local photographers. The industry is growing in so many ways. It’s only right to have a place for escorts to view other advertiser’s ads (regardless of the service/product offered) and the hosting site can make some extra money without having to worry about 18 USC 2257.

My $0.02, of course.