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Money and Quality

This is a great article about high-end escort work, like the Emperor’s Club agency. However, it really isn’t that different from mid-range escort work, or even from lower price ranges. The final dollar figure and the careers of some of the clients are different; otherwise everything else is a matter of intensity and degree.

Sex workers and clients have pretty much the same motivations regardless of the money spent. Sex workers all feel they’re offering a certain set of benefits and services, regardless of the money spent. Sex workers and clients all run the same social/legal/disease risk, regardless of the money spent.

I’m not saying all sex workers/clients are the same. Obviously not. But when we’re talking about human interaction – there is little change from one end of the spectrum to the other. Every sex worker – from a street worker up to a very high-end escort who charges thousands – feel they offer their clients attention, affection, entertainment, mental/emotional support and stress relief. The intensity varies, as does personal inclination, but the end result is that every sex worker wants their client to leave with the same good feelings and return to see her again. Money has no role in this essential part of sex work.

The amount of money spent seems to be the great titillation in the Spitzer scandal. Money is an aphrodisiac and who needs arousal more than a country on the brink of recession?

The more I find out about sex work from a range of sex workers, the more I realize all the issues are essentially the same – it’s a matter of degree. Money plays a role in marketing; it plays a big role in paying one’s bills. It does not play a role in the essence of sex work – the actual interaction between two people.

And money seems to be all the public is focused on.