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Optimising Local Search For The Escort Industry in 2014

Globe_SEOGoogle can be a little wary when it comes to the adult industry and what it will and won’t publish online. For example, I built a Google+ page for my client…only to have it taken down despite stipulating that the page was for people aged 18 and above.

IF you are happy to have your work address on Google though and IF you’ve submitted a Google Places listing, had it accepted and verified your business address with a pin so the listing is live, there are ways to optimize this on Google Maps:

1. Description
When writing your description, there’s no harm in inserting a keyword or two. Try to put these in naturally, but by all means feel free to include.

2. Reviews
These might be a little tricky for the industry and need some strict monitoring but having five star reviews can help with click through rates to your site and ranking.

3. Pictures
Including pictures and photos (within Google’s guidelines – beware these are strict) can also help to optimize your listing.

4. Activity
Once people click from Google Maps, to your page have this look active. You can post updates to the page about the local area or even promote local news – there’s nothing worse than an empty, bare listing!

5. Full Listing
Ensure all fields of your listing are filled in. Gaps don’t look good – fill it in as completely as you can.

Finally, with the way the SEO industry has changed in recent years its become harder and harder for the small independent websites to rank for national terms. Therefore, attaching a location on to your key phrase is a good way to get some decent ranking rather than being ten pages down and not being seen. So when optimizing your website, it can be an idea to target your copy at phrases such as “escort CITY STATE”, there’ll be less search demand for that term, but you’re likely to get a higher ranking.

And as always – take care! Our level of privacy online – or rather lack of it – is making more and more headlines these days, so be careful what details you put in your local listing and on your website.

Guest author Charlotte currently works with UK escort agency Night & Day – this blog is the second of three blogs she’ll be writing about SEO in the escort industry. There’s one more coming so watch this space!