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Know Your Rights!

A new administration, continuing crackdowns on CraigsList and sex workers watching their incomes fall leave many vulnerable who haven’t worried before.

Just in time, SWOP-Chicago has released two videos for all sex workers who face the possibility of arrest on prostitution charges. It’s an excellent resource for all. I highly encourage anyone reading this blog to view the videos and learn.

Know Your Rights Part I covers arrest — what to do and what not to do. Basically, you stand a much better chance of events turning in your favor if you stay silent.

Know Your Rights Part II covers what happens after an arrest and spends significant time on walking you through your Emergency Response Worksheet step-by-step.

These videos are valuable resources compiled not only by the actual collective experience of SWOP-Chicago, but anchored by their legal consultations as well. No rumors or urban legend allowed. Straight up, practical lessons on handling the event in the best possible way. Repeat viewings are encouraged.