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Introducing “Fuck Lit”

In the ongoing controversy over the UK TV show based on Belle de Jour’s book, plenty of words have been used (I plan on discussing several of the articles very soon). But this one in The Guardian got my attention.

It seems that The Internet Escort’s Handbook just another entry in the sad, sad world of sex workers writing about their experiences. Although I don’t consider the book to be literature in the strictest sense, that I’m a former sex worker writing about sex work apparently tags my efforts as “fuck lit” and not worthy of serious consideration. (Had Bunting actually read my book, she might’ve had more derogatory things to say.)

I’m certainly honored and excited to make it into The Guardian with so little effort on my part. I need the publicity help. But the argument…

Bunting believes the “happy hooker” is just a myth (mostly fueled by fuck lit). She has a problem realizing that prostitution, just like any industry, has a range of experiences. Much as I want to help stop a lot of the problems inherent in the business, it’s not going to completely happen. There will always be women who get taken advantage of and hurt (as with dating and marriage). The best any of us can do is work on harm reduction and helping those who are harmed.

Likewise, there will always be women who never have those experiences and are never touched by negativity in their job.

One extreme does not mean the other doesn’t exist, nor does it mean one set of experiences make the girl better or worse than any other girl. At least fuck lit writers are presenting a balanced view because every book that Bunting mentioned has a different slant, a different perspective.

That’s far more than Bunting offers.

Apparently “real” women’s voices are being drowned out by us fuck lit writers because at the end of the piece, Bunting calls for women to find their voice again.

Thanks for the invite, Bunting. My voice is right here.