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Free Makeup Lessons

I love makeup. I’ve been fascinated since I was young. Part of it is my desire to be a painter (desire, but not the skill), part of it is simply the fun of dressing up. I’ve learned a lot from beauty magazines and personal experimentation. I’ve read every makeup book I’ve ever been able to get my hands on. Still, something has always been lacking. When I’ve been made up by professionals the lack is obvious.

Then two things happened.

Samantha Chapman

On a recent beauty-book kick, I was in Ulta looking for some inexpensive new brushes to try. I came across Samantha Chapman’s brushes and bought two. Back home and online, I went to her website and watched several of her video tutorials. I’ve bought a couple more of her brushes and watch her tutorials regularly. She’s personable and her instructions are easy to follow.

I like her brushes because they’re easy to use and her techniques are made for people who don’t like or can’t create fine, delicate lines of makeup. Most of her tutorials focus on simple looks that one would use in everyday life. It’s easy to get the same results she does because her brushes truly do what she claims they do. They’re cruelty-free synthetics, which makes them easy to wash. They’re shaped so they easily fit in the hand. They’re cheap for quality makeup brushes.

Wayne Goss

Shortly after discovering Chapman, I was discussing my makeup journey (or lack of it) with LaDonna Stein and she suggested that I look at Wayne Goss’s videos. I now watch him regularly as well.

He’s extremely fun to watch because he does everything on himself — no matter how outrageous. It doesn’t hurt that he’s sweet, funny and cute. He’s a professional makeup artist, so his makeup recommendations tend toward pricier items, which isn’t great if you’re experimenting but fantastic when you’re ready to invest. When he can, he recommends drugstore brands. He shows a lot of techniques that are his own — learned by putting makeup on the faces of real people. That’s the sort of help most of us need.

Makeup Geek

I stumbled onto Makeup Geek right after I found Wayne Goss. This is a community site that also sells its own inexpensive makeup. The tutorials can be hit or miss, but the feeling is all fun. The founder, Marlena, is warm, open and beautiful. The style is very different than Goss or Chapman — younger, more clubby, very focused on the eyes.

Why I Need Lessons

It’s not that I wear a lot of makeup — I don’t. I prefer to walk around makeup-free for daily life. It’s that when I do wear it, I want to look good. Sometimes I want to look professional (like when I do my own makeup for interviews), or want to create a certain look for a client or myself. I like being able to create without worry, with expanded techniques for whatever I want to do. For me, this isn’t instinctual; I have to learn from someone who knows what they’re doing and who can explain it really well.

I really like that all three of these people are very indie in their work. I like the video tutorials because none of these people are Photoshopped models in a print magazine. It’s easy to see what the makeup will look like in real life using their techniques (this realism works against some people who post video tutorials, which is why I don’t follow them).

There are tons of tutorials out there on Youtube and if you search around, you will probably find the makeup guru who makes you happy. These are the three people whose sites have helped me make the most out of my face when I need to. If you’re feeling blah about your makeup routine, they aren’t a bad place to start!