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Expensive vs High-End — Part 1 of 2 coined the phrase High-Dollar Hottie (HDH) for their public forum for high-end escorts and their clients. Although a lot of people refer to upscale escorts as HDH, is there a difference between expensive or high-end? And, if there is, what is the difference? How does an escort become an HDH?

The difference between expensive and high-end is: the $1,000 omlet at Le Parker Meridien in New York City is expensive. A meal at Alain Ducasse in NYC is high-end. A Nevada brothel worker charging $1500/hr is expensive. An independent escort charging $2000 for three or four hours is considered high-end.

In the online escort world, the differences fall along these lines:

Expensive High-End
Appearance Very attractive, often blonde; fashion-model or porn-star type (fashion-model type is very slim, porn-star type often has large breast implants) Attractive; has a more low-key, natural-looking, fresh-faced appeal; not always surgically altered

Rarely states academic credits, assumed not to have them Almost always college-educated
Attracts Clients Because… she’s the ultimate male fantasy individual men like the individual woman presented
What She “Offers” Uninhibited sexuality and amazing arm candy; usually does not emphasize conversational skills or intellectual interests Exclusivity; a less one-dimensional focus on his orgasms; wants to create a genuine connection with each client (and perhaps has a more sophisticated sexuality); emphasizes intellect and conversational abilities
Appointment Minimums 1-2 hours, usually offers longer packages as well 2 hours, often 3-4+ hours, plus plenty of extended-visit or travel options
Reviews Actively encourages reviews Rarely allows reviews
Personal Life Does not emphasize the personal Often has a day job and pursues many other interests; happily discusses the other ways she spends her time

Can Any Escort Become Expensive?

Any independent escort can raise her rates to whatever level she wishes. That’s the beauty of it. But that’s not really the point of the question, is it?

Becoming a successful expensive escort is fairly easy. An escort has to be very physically attractive. She must be able to sexually wow any client she has and have the menu of sexual activities reviewers prefer. And she has to allow, or even encourage, reviews; especially on national review boards like TER. As she becomes more popular, she can raise her rates until she reaches a balance between income, appointment volume and reputation.

I’ve seen a number of escorts do this in their local area. They don’t become expensive, per se, but they build their reputation through reviews to the point where they can charge the top rates their local discussion boards will support. They usually also participate heavily on their local boards and/or attend get-togethers in the local community. This can work very well for an escort who is older or less physically attractive (attractive in the mainstream, typical-male-fantasy sense).

Porn Stars as Expensive Escorts

It’s simple for a real porn star to charge high rates. She only has to list her movie credits. Other things that could help: an ultra-professional Web site, appearances at a Nevada brothel, nation-wide touring or representation by the few escort agencies who specialize in porn stars. She also needs to promote herself as a porn star, make new movies, be interviewed by magazines and radio stations, have new photo shoots and generally do what porn stars do to make a career. (She’s a porn star, so none of this is out of the question.)

I’ve seen self-identified porn stars who list one or two movies (made by low-end, little-known companies with poor distribution) as credits and have amateur photos on their ads. They rarely have decent Web sites – if they have one at all. Although I’m sure they make some money, they probably aren’t as successful as porn stars who work hard to promote themselves and build an actual porn career.

Brothel Workers as HDHs

And there’s the Nevada brothel option. The top providers in the better-known brothels charge thousands for a “party” (a party is sex with a client – defined however the provider and client agree it’s defined). I knew an independent escort who switched to working in a Nevada brothel. It suited her personality perfectly and within a few months she was charging $3000/hr. And her rates only went up. She had the sexual skills and physical appearance of an expensive escort and she was very good at her job. (She was also good at negotiating — an art that must be learned to successfully work in a Nevada brothel.) Would she have wanted to be high-end instead? No. It didn’t suit her personality nor play to her strengths.

Part 2: What does it take to become high-end?

First posted: November 28, 2007