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Desiree Alliance 2010 Abstracts

Presented at the 2010 Desiree Alliance Conference in Las Vegas

Police Treatment of Arrested Sex Workers and the law

Police are given the freedom to interpret and enforce prostitution laws as they see fit, which affects the daily lives of sex workers more than the actual laws themselves. In the partially-legal countries of England, Singapore and Hong Kong (technically not a country), and the fully-criminalized US, I will show that police treatment of arrested sex workers is not reflective of prostitution laws but instead reflects local police culture, effectiveness of police oversight and general local attitude toward sex workers themselves. The obvious solution to changing police treatment of arrested sex workers is more direct outreach and education with local police as well as actively engaging local police oversight resources, regardless of the actual laws regulating prostitution.

Safety for Sex Workers through Personal Privacy: Digital and Real-World Techniques for Safeguarding Your Identity and Your Life

Panel presentation with: Furry Girl, Brooke Magnanti, Alex Sotirov

From pornographer/web model Furry Girl: As someone who’s a model and a small business owner, I’d like to point out the potential identity breaches rooted in the United State’s federal 2257 laws.  I’m not a lawyer – so my focus is explaining from an indie pornographer’s sex worker’s perspective how 2257 laws put everyone in a bad place and work to stifle free sexual expression online.

From author and escort Amanda Brooks:  Offline privacy and money management.  I will offer simple, legal methods of disassociating your real name/home address from your work name.  It can also be important to keep your real name and actual place of residence separate from one another.  Learn which prepaid card can be used for registering domain names, do business banking without opening a business account, and discreetly move your earnings across state and international borders.

From author and former escort Dr Brooke Magnanti (aka Belle de Jour):  My contribution will be focusing on maintaining privacy in traditional media – how to publish anonymously, sign contracts, and give interviews without compromising anonymity.  It will discuss using limited liability companies to your advantage and managing profits to minimize tax burden.

Professional hacker Alex Sotirov will be covering online/digital privacy, with a focus on how your activities can be tracked online and what steps you can take to try and maintain as much anonymity as possible on the net.