The Internet Escort’s Handbook

Safe, Sane, Successful Escort Work is Possible!

Safety for Sex Workers Through Personal Privacy

Legal and Relatively Simple Ways of Working and Living Out of Harm’s Way

Presented at the 2008 Desiree Alliance Conference in Chicago

This was a presentation from last year that many enjoyed and many others did not get to attend. New material will be added this year from my return to escort work — such as advance deposits without giving up my personal info. This is a straightforward how-to piece using legal techniques of misdirection and misinformation gleaned through my own experiences and research. The concepts of having an alternate name and an alternate mailing address are simple ideas. The trick is in learning how to achieve it. An untraceable cell phone, credit card and even business bank account is essential for sex workers with more complex business needs. None of these methods will hide you from the IRS or the government, but they are enough to keep predators at arms length, which is something most sex workers want.