The Internet Escort’s Handbook

Safe, Sane, Successful Escort Work is Possible!

Help Me Choose!

I have a new, very helpful ebook on its way! Seriously, we’re talking a matter of weeks. I can’t make up my mind over which cover to choose. So…I need your help. Tell me which you find more appealing. It doesn’t matter if you have no intention of buying the book, which cover would make you want to buy it?

The concept of the book is simple: a huge listing of possible advertising malls and discussion boards for US Internet escorts (collected by me since 2002), along with some other nice tidbits, like a listing of active escort web designers. This isn’t just a listing of links, though. I review each site and comment on what I think it offers an escort so that it helps you choose where to spend your advertising time and/or money. I include international listings too, many that I’ve used.

As the title says, this is for ladies who wish to expand beyond Eros and Backpage. In my experience, more visitors to your site means more appointments. It’s important to be choosy if you’re going for a higher-end market, but if you’re in the mid-range, covering more territory doesn’t hurt.

Working on your site’s SEO is the next step, but it’s not covered in this ebook and I doubt I will write about it. There are plenty of free online guides for making the most of your site’s Googleability.

The ebook will retail for $4.99, with discounts for newsletter readers and those who have purchased other books from me (expect those announcements once I have a firm release date).

Without further ado…here are the two cover finalists! (Click on the image to see the full-size image.)