The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Not Screening is Bad Advice

In discussing the Spitzer scandal, Mistress Matisse advises men seeking paid companionship to seek independents. I think that’s the correct route as well. But then she advises clients to seek independents who don’t screen, those who simply go on their instincts.

She should know better. Every time I’ve heard of a girl getting arrested, it’s because she didn’t screen. No doubt girls who screen get arrested as well, but every instance I’ve come across doesn’t include screening. Girls who don’t screen are very easy pickings for police.

Why should this concern a client? Girls who have been arrested and are still working are a risk. They could be under surveillance; they could be providing information for a reduced sentence. A client wanting to avoid risk does not want someone who is at high risk for having a history of arrest.

And, of course, girls who don’t screen are easy targets for danger. This doesn’t pose much of a risk to clients, but it poses a huge risk to the girls themselves. It isn’t that screening prevents violence — it doesn’t. But it often gives a layer of protection: because the client is less likely to misbehave if he knows she has his personal, identifying information on her desk and someone with truly bad intentions probably isn’t willing to give out any information in the first place.

Alternatives to Submitting Screening Info

If you’re a client with the time to spare, meeting for coffee first is a great way to get around screening requirements (Matisse gives this tip as well). Of course, be willing to pay her rate for the amount of time you want to meet. She’s working around your needs and is spending time with you. Her landlord does not accept coffee or lunch in lieu of a rent payment. Pay her rate.

Be prepared to show ID. Don’t worry about this very much, though. Few people can remember the numbers of your license or passport. An escort examines ID to make sure that the picture looks like you, the birth date is accurate, the name is correct and that it’s a real ID. She’s not memorizing the number on the card.

Another option is to screen with a reputable, established escort in that town, then use her as a reference for everyone else you wish to see. Good escorts will provide client references. If she’s built a solid reputation in her town, other escorts will take her references. And, as a professional, she wants to keep her reputation. Your screening information will be safe with her.

One client who didn’t want to give screening information told me to Google his name. If he didn’t look like the pictures I found through Google, then he would leave at my request. He passed.

Clients: Do Your Homework

Of course, the real lesson in all this: do your homework. Instead of calling a girl at 3am with a 24/7 phone number and no Web site, take time to research all the escorts in your city and find the few who really appeal to you. See if they have blogs, if they post on discussion boards, if they have reviews. See how long their domain name has been registered. See if they’ve traded links with other reputable escorts. See if other people mention them and in what way.

Escorts who diligently screen might be a little more expensive than those who don’t. Paying for peace of mind may be worth it, depending on how seriously you consider an escort’s business methods vs. your own level of risk.


Screening is about trust. The escort has to trust she won’t be taken advantage of in any way and so does the client. The world being what it is, escorts stand to lose far more than the average client – including their lives.

An escort who is aware of the need for screening is probably more aware of other issues, like taking care of her health or keeping her incall secure. Established escorts who screen take care of their clients by default. An escort who simply operates on instinct…well, how much are you willing to bet she’s never had an off day?