The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Choosing a Domain Name — Extra Tip

In the section in Book 2 on purchasing domain names, I come up with some creative reasons for not buying your working name for your escort Web site.

Another reason I should’ve mentioned: someone else might not like it.

If you pick the name (or create a similar name) of a celebrity or fictional character, you could get a cease-and-desist letter from their estate or attorney. You run the risk of a defamation or copyright/trademark violation lawsuit as well.

Or you could inadvertently choose the name of a real person, who discovers that an escort is using their name online. If they’re the wrong kind of person, they may well sue you for defamation.

While I haven’t seen this happen yet, an escort I know shares the name of an author (who has made remarks on her blog). Though the escort has been using her working name for a few years, the author was born with that name and could make things ugly if she really wanted.

This is simply something to be aware of when choosing a domain name. Some escorts get around this by purchasing domains like or instead of buying Still not very creative, in my opinion, but less likely to make someone else upset.