The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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The Model Release

As some of you may not be aware, Kristen (Spitzer’s escort) was in some Girls Gone Wild videos. Regardless of what you think of those videos, the owner has her signed model release and can happily sell her tapes without her permission and pocket the profits (I believe he’s chosen to simply distribute the tapes for free — either way, he can do what he wants with the footage). Most of us haven’t been in a GGW video (I hope). Still, the issue of a model release can be a thorny one. I go into more detail in Book 2 in the section where I discuss finding a professional photographer. What is a model release? A model release is usually a one-page document that states what rights the photographer retains over the images and what rights the model has. The model is required to sign their legal name and date. The model release is signed before the photo shoot begins. In the case of adult-oriented photos, the model will be required to state their date of birth and usually a copy of their ID is made to go with the model release. A model release doesn’t require a law degree to understand. Simply reading the document before signing is usually all that’s needed to understand what you’re signing. Make a copy of the release your own records. Why sign it? For legal reasons, photographers need the protection of a model release, especially when shooting photos with nudity. They need proof you’re over 18. And the model release protects them from lawsuits if they use the pictures in the way...