The Internet Escort’s Handbook

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Book #2 Progress: Web Site Stuff

I’ve been working the last two days on the huge Web site section. No matter how much I write, it keeps growing. I don’t know if I’m adding too much detail or not enough.

At any rate, I’ve finished the SEO section, the “hiring a designer” section and DIY maintenance. Still have work to do on all these sections but the main work is done.

I have to say that I’m astonished at the prices escort Web designers charge. It’s been more than a year since the last time I seriously looked at a range of designers.

Designers who charge several hundred dollars and severely limit the amount of pages, pictures or links you’re “allowed” are not good designers. Good mainstream designers don’t pull this kind of crap on their clients — they’d be out of business if they did.

I see these “escort” designers as taking advantage of their client-base. It really makes me mad, especially when I see the general quality of sites these designers churn out. And rarely do any of these “designers” know the first thing about standards-compliant XHTML and CSS, or even basic SEO techniques (submitting your site to search engines is not a basic SEO technique).

I didn’t see a single designer that I would recommend, even the ones that I thought made some great sites. Every one of them seems to want to tie you down to their (overpriced and underserviced) hosting and maintenance plans. Good mainstream designers don’t do this, why is it somehow okay for escort designers to? Makes me steamed.

Oh well, that’s why I’m writing the book I’m writing.