The Internet Escort’s Handbook

Safe, Sane, Successful Escort Work is Possible!

Book #2: Phone and E-mail Basics

Today I continued writing on basic handling of phone calls and e-mails (I started this section Saturday). I discussed what options you have, answered some security questions and discussed it from a marketing standpoint. I went into much more detail than I’d anticipated, but I think it’s beneficial for the book (and its readers!).

There’s a lot more detail to discuss about security but that will be extensively covered in Book 3 and a bit in Book 4. Administration details also be covered in Book 3, although I went over a few little things here.

Still haven’t gone back into the Web site section yet, but I will. Maybe I’ll write the rest of the book around it and then finish with it and the Introduction (which I’ve made notes for but haven’t written). Soon I’m going to write the back cover. Then I can start working with the designer!

I look forward to writing regularly until this is completely done. I’m also working on other things while doing this. I need to because I think get too exhausted working on the book all day long (and that was part of the problem). But I do think that knowing I need to blog about what I’ve done for Book #2 during the day makes me sit down and write so I have something to report. It’s not a matter of motivation so much as it is a need to focus. So thanks for listening.