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When Will Book 2 Be Out?

I’m starting to worry about a pitchfork-bearing mob; hopefully this explanation will help.

Golden Girl Press is a very tiny company funded by one person. Though the company takes care of its own day-to-day expenses, the big things – like printing Book #2 – come out of the pocket of the company’s founder/owner. Right now, that pocket is very thin and the cost of printing is not going down.

Which is why the release date keeps getting moved back. Life happens. (Check the past few months of if you don’t already know.)

Though the enthusiasm from my readers is welcome (it means I’m doing something right), there’s not much else to say other than it will be out when it’s out. Unless one of you would like to be an angel investor! One day Golden Girl Press will be a solid small press churning out several books a year. But it’s not there yet. We’re struggling to finish giving birth to this one (it is a big one, though).

Fingers crossed – it will be able to see the light of day soon. It will be a great relief to me and I hope you enjoy the read.

Thank you all for your continued patience.