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Book #2 Progress: Final Questions

I will start blogging about my progress on Book 2: Advertising and Marketing. Not only are several people looking forward to it, but I was told that blogging about my writing progress will be of interest to future readers of the book. Seems like a good idea…

I have been stuck on the Web site section. So much information! I’m having a hard time knowing what to throw out and what to concentrate on. I’m still working on that section. In the interest of getting the book out sooner than later (I’m already a month behind schedule), I skipped ahead to a new section.

The new section covers a few, final questions that I think readers of Book #2 will have but don’t really fit in elsewhere. I keep thinking I had a third good question, but I’ve forgotten it and only have two at this time. So I wrote about scam advertising sites and copycat girls, as well as what to do if your business isn’t taking off like you thought it would.

I will probably come up with more questions as I get nearer to finishing the first draft. I hope I can remember that third question I had. It seems I didn’t write it down. I do this to myself all the time. I even carry a tape recorder with me everywhere I go and I still miss things.

After this is a late lunch. Then I will either re-tackle the Web site section (I’m finishing up SEO techniques) or I will start a new section that has nothing to do with Web sites.

Once the first draft is finished, I will update the series summary on the main site. I’m making a lot of changes as I go and those changes will be reflected on the summary page once I’m sure they will stay in the manuscript. This is going to be twice as thick as the first book, easily.