The Internet Escort’s Handbook

Safe, Sane, Successful Escort Work is Possible!

Book #2: Call for Volunteers

I want to test what I’ve written in my Web site DIY (do it yourself) section. To do that, I need one or two volunteers.

To volunteer

You must:

  • be an independent escort with a live, non-Flash, Web site
  • have direct access to your Web server/hosting
  • have a need to make text/link/image changes on your site
  • be literate
  • be willing to be a guinea pig
  • be willing and able to offer feedback in a timely manner*
  • be a DIY kind of girl
  • not have any prior Web design experience and are very new to HTML
  • use a Windows computer at home

*I expect you to read the text, attempt your changes and give me feedback within 14 days of you receiving the material. The feedback doesn’t have to be formal, but you will have to give lots of detail as to what did and didn’t work for you.

The Test

You get my DIY section on Web maintenance. You follow along and try to make your changes. You have to be able to tell me if I clearly explain the concepts, where I’ve made mistakes and how it’s worked out for you. (This will be an edited rough draft. I don’t expect you to edit, but if there is a glaring error, feel free to point it out.)

Understand you will receive copyrighted material. Although you’re more than welcome to discuss it however and wherever you want, you cannot copy from my work in any way. You cannot share it with anyone else, online or off. You will not make “notes” from it. You will delete my file when you are done.

I can answer questions, but I prefer not to. I really want to see if I explained what needed to be explained through the text. But if you really cannot understand something, then ask. It will make clear to me where I need to re-write.


You cannot hold me responsible for messing up your site. The text includes instructions on creating a backup. I don’t profess to know everything — I’m trying to explain the most common situation faced by most people with non-Flash, HTML-based Web sites.


Unless you want credit for being my guinea pig (and I’m totally willing to do that for you), you will not be mentioned in the book, online or in any public way.

Thank You

You will get a copy of the finished book as a “thank you” for helping out. You can opt of this, if you want.

To Apply

Nothing complicated here. First come, first serve, as long as you seem to understand what I’m asking. I do want to know the site you’re working on so that we’re on the same page when you try to make changes.

Contact me: missbrooks [AT] goldengirlpress [DOT] com