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A new review of Book 1: The Foundation is available both on the book’s site and

It’s not my favorite review, mostly because the reviewer seems to have skimmed the book, missing details such as the number of books in the series (mentioned in the intro, the last few pages of the book and the book’s site) and the entire point of the book/series. She is a mainstream reviewer and a sample of what I have to look forward to as I move more into the public eye. The review is positive, even if the tone seems snarkier (to me) with every successive reading.

There are four more reviews that should be straggling in. (I know one of them is on the way.) By the time all the reviews for Book 1 are in, I should be submitting review galleys of Book 2 in advance of the pub date. And so it goes.

PS: Still giggling hysterically about the reviewer’s assumption that I am “raking in the cash” with this book series.