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Blackhat Search Tactics – SEO

SEO GoogleIn our mini-series of guest posts about SEO for the escort industry, we’ve covered optimizing your website, social media, blogging, link building and local SEO. Everything discussed has been an example of “white-hat” tactics; correctly optimizing and “priming” your website and online presence to encourage Google to notice you and rank you…for the right reasons. There’s another side to this white-hat Cinderella story though, the black-hat tactics.

When to Say “No”
If you have a website, you’ll no doubt have received marketing and SEO email marketing shots. As a general rule, if anyone guarantees you page 1 rankings…say no! Rankings are not possible to guarantee, or even predict – so don’t fall for the empty promises, it’ll end badly and your website may even get de-indexed (it happens!).

The main tactic in use these days that people get caught out with is one Google targeted in 2012/2013 with something called the “Penguin Update”. It’s extremely easy to “buy links”. Once upon a time these links helped a site to rank, and buying them actually worked! More and more websites took advantage of this until Google took action, penalizing sites with a suspicious backlink profile. If your site has experienced a sudden drop in traffic, it’s worth registering your site for Google Webmaster Tools (you may need your developer to do this) and seeing if you’ve received an “unnatural link warning” for the links pointing at your site. A general rule of thumb with links is the more effort the link is to get, the better it is.

This is one for the future. Google has recently re-written huge parts of its algorithm to allow it to understand user-intent more clearly. This means that soon, you’ll be able to move away from focusing on those all important keywords! By all means for the moment base your strategy around keywords, but don’t feel every blog post or page has to contain your keywords rigidly as many times as possible. Writing loosely based on a keyphrase is fine, but topical, trending content is just as good if not better. Write content for the user, not for the search engines and keep your keywords as a loose focus.

Old Tactics
These tactics got companies into so much trouble that no one touches them anymore but they’re worth a mention! Back in the day when the practice of SEO was in its infancy, a couple of major brands tried a few things to steal the top spots. Keyword stuffing was effective back then so they’d insert their chosen keywords in to their page of HTML code over and over again either in a white colour for a white background so they wouldn’t show up front-end OR in font size zero. Some sites would even tell Googlebot to leave their website alone, not crawl it and build a second website, totally hidden from public view and built specifically for the search engines that they would tell Googlebot to crawl instead. Googlebot would then crawl it and rank it highly, whilst a totally different site that wouldn’t rank so well was showed to the user. All dodgy stuff!

To conclude, if anything sounds too good to be true…it is! You can never guarantee position one rankings; don’t buy links, optimise your site for a range of keywords and relevant topics and aim for a user-friendly site above all else. Get on social media platforms and build relationships with other websites that might want to post a link to you. The above tactics apply as evenly to the escort industry as to any other.

I hope my mini-series about SEO in the escort industry has helped! A big thanks to Amanda for giving me the opportunity to write on the blog.

Guest author Charlotte currently works with UK escort agency Night & Day – she has written two more blogs on SEO and the escort industry about local SEO and SEO in 2014.