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High-End Escort Work — Part 2 of 2

Read Part 1 where I discuss the difference between expensive and high-end escorts.

What does it take to become high-end?

Making the jump from average escort to high-end is also fairly easy, with one big caveat: you have to be able to back up everything you say.

If you claim you’re well-traveled then your passport had better be the envy of your friends. If you claim to have a degree in art history, then you need to start learning about art and art history (as well as becoming a regular at your local museums). If you can’t remember the difference between aspirin and Advil, don’t pretend to be in medicine or claim to be a chemistry major.

Why is this so important? As a high-end companion, minimum appointments are much longer than an hour and much of that time is spent in conversation. Generally, the more a man spends, the more brains he expects in his companion. You really need to know what you’re talking about – on whatever subject you choose – because the clients who can afford you are bright, educated and successful. You need to know a wide range of topics, from the serious to pop culture. Keeping up with current events is a must, as is keeping pace with your fields of interest.

You don’t have to turn into a trivia master; usually having an understanding of the main issues on a given topic is enough. Form your own thoughts and opinions about these issues and share them. Talk about your passions or hobbies. Share experiences. And most of all — learn to ask questions to get your clients to open up and talk about themselves. Naturally, this is first-date kind of stuff. As you forge a relationship with a steady client the talk turns more personal (and this is where boundaries become important).

Further Defining the High-End

While attractiveness and sense of personal style are all very subjective, good manners and sophistication is not. A high-end escort attracts well-heeled clients (that’s the point). She has to be their equal and even impress them. She can’t do this if she’s not as she claims to be because the escort presented online is who clients expect to meet.

High-end escorts tend to be very romantic with their clients – even lusty. Fewer clients means more energy devoted to each client. (And clients expect this.) This doesn’t mean you must make risky decisions. It means if you’re not someone who truly enjoys sex with your clients, you are probably not cut out to be a high-end escort. This is a choice for girls who are following a calling, as opposed to merely paying bills. It’s not emotionally healthy to pretend otherwise, and it’s not fair to your clients.

On the other hand, high-end escorts are not some super-rarified breed. Most of that impression is smoke and mirrors, a product of very clever marketing. (They are smart girls, after all.) An average escort who is naturally attractive, articulate, has a well-rounded life, educated (either formally, through mainstream work or extensive travel) and enjoys escort work can probably move to the higher-end by indulging in what’s known as resume-padding. A little expansion of her skills and experiences, along with some clever wording, professional photos, a beautiful Web site and viola! – a new high-end escort is born!

Raising Your Rates

Raising time/rate minimums is scary. I’ve seen several high-end girls start with two or three –hour minimums barely more expensive than regular hourly rates, then give themselves raises as they become more popular. There are many high-end escorts who have been around for a few years and their rates have greatly increased. That’s never a sign of desperation. Still, an escort never knows if her business will get better or dry up completely.

My own observation? A timid raise just above the level of average, say from $300/hr to $400/hr won’t work. Business might stay the same or drop off. There won’t be a major overall change. Moving from $300/hr to $1000/3 hrs would change things. It’s a whole new level of clientele. Although the (calculated) hourly rate and the escort doesn’t change; her online persona changes, her marketing changes and her new clients’ perceptions of her are very different from her former clients. That’s the important thing. (Making the minimum dollar investment higher automatically changes the type of client who has that amount of disposable income.)

As with most escorts, high-end escorts want their clients to return. They have a lower volume of clients than average escorts so having a high retention rate is important. If they were not the person they claimed to be, their clients would not come back. There are fewer clients who can afford high-end rates than the number of clients who can afford average hourly rates. If a girl was completely misrepresenting herself online, word would get around and her business would dry up.

Getting Business as High-End Escort

How do high-end escorts get new business without allowing reviews? They’re very active online, either blogging or posting on discussion boards (like the HDH board) or both. This is time-consuming but the payoff is worth the effort. Their clients see them because they become intrigued by the personality of the escort, not merely her picture. This means high-end escorts must always be articulate online and in-person. (And other personality traits must be the same in-person as online.) Their clients are more literate than average. Men who are seduced by words are rarer than women who are – witness the number of romance novels aimed at women versus the number aimed at men. (And yes, some groups of high-end escorts and clients have get-togethers – just like local discussion boards. But you have to have an active online persona to get invited.)

Some high-end escorts operate almost completely offline, but they have either tapped into a network of clients or they’ve been around for a while and have built their business to the point of not needing to openly advertise.

The magic of some high-end escorts is simply their rates. It impresses clients, regardless of who the escort really is. It intimidates other escorts. Throw in an aloof attitude and lots of name-brand-dropping — there’s the whole mystique of some high-end escorts.

I’ve met a handful of high-end escorts. One clearly was just gusty enough to charge high rates and was not “high-end.” Another was obviously perfect for the job of being a part-time lover to her loyal clients. None of them were radically different than I. Their advantages: pricier formal educations and travel experience; plus that all-important rate/time minimum. There was no real difference in appearance, attitude, intelligence, how they treated their clients, handled their business administration or any of the other things that supposedly make a high-end escort stand out. High-end escorts are a self-defined group. If you think you are high-end, then you are.

Looking at the Range of Rates

This two-part column could lead readers to believe that all escorts need to be charging several hundred per hour just to make ends meet or to have decent reputations. Not true. As with everything in life, some people are drawn to some things, others to other things. And, as with everything, there is the full spectrum of experiences and rates in the escort world: high, middle and low. The law of averages being what it is, most escorts fall in the middle range, as do most clients. There’s nothing wrong with this. The mid-range itself is pretty broad. The national average for one-hour appointments is $250-$500, depending on what city we’re talking about.

A lot of escorts could successfully raise their rates, even if it’s not to HDH levels. And the HDH market has a wide range of personalities and rate structures within it. The barrier to entry seems to be an escort’s wherewithal to play the game and succeed. No one should pretend to be something they’re not. But if there’s a desire to give one’s self a raise, it can be done.