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Amazon MatchBook

It’s finally happened! Amazon is making it super-easy for readers to get Kindle versions of print books purchased through Amazon. It’s called Amazon MatchBook and yes, Golden Girl Press is participating.

The Details

Starting in October 2013, Amazon will allow anyone who has purchased a print book through Amazon to also purchase the Kindle (ebook) version of that book at greatly-reduced price. The price is set by the publisher, ranging from free to $2.99. MatchBook is retroactive back to 1995!

The catches are: you have to have purchased the print book through Amazon (not a reseller) and the publisher has to have uploaded a Kindle version of the book. Obviously, if there isn’t a Kindle version available, you won’t be able to get it. I assume that publishers will start getting on board over the next year and soon readers can expect easily-available MatchBook purchases in the future.

What I’ll Do For My Readers

I’m embarrassed I didn’t think of this sooner. I guess I assumed those who bought the print books wouldn’t be interested in the ebook verson. I’m working out the details but in a couple weeks I will make sure that everyone who has purchased the print books through my site can download the ebook version of their purchase for free; and will make a print/ebook bundle available for purchase for all new readers.

My MatchBook will be a little broader than Amazon’s because the .epub files available on my site can be read by many types of ereaders (I have the .mobi files available upon request for Kindle users). The Amazon MatchBook is limited only to Kindle. The price for my ebooks on Amazon MatchBook is $0.99.

No one has to participate, but I’m betting a lot of my print readers will be happy to get the ebook bonus. It’s a “thank you” from me to you for being a reader, especially those who bought their books years ago before I had the ebook versions out.

As for me, I can’t wait to see what ebook offers I’ll suddenly get from Amazon in October. I’m betting my e-library will expand and that will make me happy! Avid readers rejoice!