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Presentations at Desiree Alliance 2007 Conference

I will be attending and presenting at the 2007 Desiree Alliance Conference in San Francisco next week. (Here’s the schedule with link to the speaker list.) I’m nervous and excited. This is a first for me.

Some parts of the conference are open to the general public, some are not. So if you’re curious and in the area, you might contact them about attending, even if you’re not involved in any part of the adult industry.

I will be presenting on privacy for escorts, issues of retirement and a general look at the Internet. Continue reading this post for briefs. The escort privacy speech is not open to the general public; the other two are.

The Conference is part of a week-long Sex Worker Fest. I’ll attend various events from July 17-21, so if you’d like to meet me – you can.

And, if case you haven’t seen, I’m offering a book discount next week. Details…

Fundamental Safety for Sex Workers Through Personal Privacy – Legal and Relatively Simple Ways of Being “Hidden” from Clients and Stalkers

A straightforward how-to piece using legal techniques of misdirection and misinformation gleaned through my own experience and research. The concepts of having an alternate name and an alternate mailing address are simple ideas. The trick is in learning how to achieve them. An untraceable cell phone, credit card and even business bank account is essential for sex workers with more complex business needs. None of these methods will hide you from the IRS or the government, but they are enough to keep predators at arms length, which is something most sex workers want. [This presentation will probably include a handout.]

Dating a Client and Retiring for Love – One Escort’s Journey Through a Minefield!

It’s every escort’s biggest taboo and every client’s biggest fantasy. As intelligent people assume, it’s not an easy relationship to have. But nothing prepared me for what my retirement would bring. I was unprepared for the mental and emotional repercussions of leaving a job I loved. I’m still learning to adjust. I would like to speak honestly about retiring for love. I felt I made this trip alone. Although I know plenty of girls have done the same thing, no one talks about it. Eventually of all us retire (though not for the same reasons); I would like to offer my experiences to those who have questions or may be facing the same decision.

Is the Internet a Boon to Sex Workers? – Pros and Cons of How the Internet Has Changed Prostitution

The advantages that the Internet brings are numerous: great networking opportunities, greater chance to express one’s self, clientele with higher income and education, more discretion, more safety and much more business control. The disadvantages are not as obvious at first glance: review boards, “hobbyist communities,” not knowing who is on the other end of the e-mail, being discovered online when you don’t want to be, barriers to getting online, the tightening net of Internet search engines/indexing/ archiving. This would be a discussion of the good and bad points of the Internet revolution. I leave the final decision up to the individual listener.