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A Client’s Perspective: “The Unbearable Imbalance of To and Fro’…”

In case you have ever wondered, as I have, what goes through your client’s head just before and just after your appointment, here’s a lyrical answer.

This gentleman was never a client of mine but contacted me because of my book. He sent me this post simply to share some of his feelings. With his permission, I’ve posted the link for a wider audience to enjoy.

I never gave much thought to the moments before an appointment, usually because I was mentally juggling a number of preparatory tasks myself. If I was seeing a returning client, I usually was reviewing my mental file on him and anticipating the moment. New clients always had more of an impromptu-theatre feeling.

But my thoughts after a client left were often like the ones he described. Never did a client leave without making some lingering impression. And I’m guessing I did the same for him. This is a business about human connection and interaction. We leave traces of memory with each other whether we want to or not.