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3 Quick Tips on Medical Testing

This is a short, but important bit about three simple ways to protect your health when getting lab work/testing done. Speaking up or doing research is the best way you can ensure you receive quality health care.

This information is from a sidebar article in some women’s magazine (I ripped out the page months ago but it has no publisher info on it). I’m repeating the information here. I don’t intend to plagiarize; if I could find this bit online I’d just link to it.

  1. When getting any test done, don’t assume the lab has your doctor’s stamp of approval – she may be sending it to the lab your insurance provider requires. Ask her if she feels the lab is reliable; if she doesn’t, consider having your test sent elsewhere – especially if she is concerned about a particular symptom or condition.
  2. To find out if a lab has had severe or repeated problems, go to
  3. To get the best breast ultrasound, use facilities accredited by the American College of Radiology ( Also ask your doctor if the practitioner who will read your ultrasound is trained in breast imaging.

Actually, #3 good advice for any test – find out if the person examining your specimen or scan is experienced and reads that type of test regularly.

Girls, bug your doctors with your questions. In modern American medicine, the squeaky wheel gets taken care of.