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The Odds of Sexually-Transmitted Infections

According to Self, August 2006 (page 190), your lifetime chance of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease* is greater than one in two.

The article discussed condom usage and herpes (which condoms don’t always protect against). It did not discuss what the writer defined as an STD. For example, many health-care professionals consider bacterial vaginosis to be an STD because only sexually active women get it. However, it’s not a strictly a disease but an imbalance in your vagina brought on by sexual activity.

The article’s statistic is alarming. I looked online to try and find confirmation of it and could not, yet the various articles I did find were not much more encouraging. In general, it seems that if you indulge in sexually-risky activity, your chances of contracting an STD are better than your chances of winning a hand in a Vegas casino.

The best way not to become a statistic is to reduce your risks as much as possible – strict condom usage, no intravenous-drug use, minimal number of sexual partners, no other body-fluid swapping. If you decide to go without condoms for all sexual activities, your likely odds are stated above. Always using condoms for sexual activity lowers your risks significantly. (This article did not specify if regular condom usage would alter the reported statistic, but I’m guessing it would.)

I’m not trying to gloom and doom you. Not at all. Sex is risky. Until it isn’t, the best way to reduce risk is by proper and consistent condom usage. It’s a simple concept that easily improves everyone’s overall quality of life and reduces worry.

There are many women who’ve worked in the adult industry and have never had an STD. Condoms work.

*I prefer the term infection because not everything that is sexually-transmitted is strictly a disease, but this article used the term “disease.”