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Amanda BrooksThe Notebook is an information-packed blog for escorts by escort Amanda Brooks. (For a more intimate peek into Amanda’s mind, check out After Hours, her personal blog.) Amanda offers up nuts-and-bolts discussion on a variety of topics, from writing a captivating escort ad to free online advertising opportunities to knowing your rights as an escort. Of course, there’s always the Internet Escort’s Handbook series, which is far more extensive than this blog.

Natural-looking French Manicure — DIY

After I quit stripping, I stopped polishing my nails (or wearing fakes). I polished my nails as a teen and it was a never-ending cycle of smudging the polish before it dried or having perfect polish chip within a day. I like the natural-nail look and found a buffing paste that really made my nails […]

Blackhat Search Tactics – SEO

In our mini-series of guest posts about SEO for the escort industry, we’ve covered optimizing your website, social media, blogging, link building and local SEO. Everything discussed has been an example of “white-hat” tactics; correctly optimizing and “priming” your website and online presence to encourage Google to notice you and rank you…for the right reasons. There’s another side to this white-hat Cinderella story though, the black-hat tactics. [continue reading]

SEO For The Escort Industry in 2014

SEO is a complicated business and one that is constantly changing. For any industry it’s a challenge, however simple search engine optimisation for the escort industry can be even harder. I’ve been working with a UK agency and have found some techniques that work in the adult industry; I hope you find them useful! [continue reading]

Help Me Choose!

I have a new, very helpful ebook on its way! Seriously, we’re talking a matter of weeks. I can’t make up my mind over which cover to choose. So…I need your help. Tell me which you find more appealing. It doesn’t matter if you have no intention of buying the book, which cover would make you want to buy it? [continue reading]