Safe, sane, successful escort work is possible!

For Escorts

If you’re considering the life of a successful escort or you’re an independent escort already in business, this series is worth its weight in gold.

Why learn the hard way? Too many escorts — seasoned and newbies alike — make mistakes that can cost them dearly. These easy-to-read books help prevent problems before they happen.

Nowhere will you find such specialized, detailed and useful information about escort work presented in such a lively manner. This series will help you understand the principles of safe, sane and successful escort work.

Some highlights from Books 1 and 2 include:

  • The 10 Myths of Escorting
  • How to Prevent “Escort Burnout”
  • Why Personal Hygiene Really Matters
  • Defining Your Own Personal Boundaries
  • The Importance of Developing Repeat Clientele
  • Making Review Boards Work for You
  • How to Create Personalized, Captivating Photos
  • Developing a Distinctive, Niche Character
  • How Not to Undersell Yourself
  • Building a Rate Structure That Works for You
  • …and much, much more

Nowhere will you find this type of information consolidated in one place…it’s just not out there. This series will save you money in the long run!