Safe, sane, successful escort work is possible!

Book 4: Your Life

Please note: Books 1 and 2 are for sale in both print and ebook versions. Book 3 is being written this year (2012) and Book 4 is on the horizon after.

Section XIII: Worst-Case Scenario Guide

This is pretty simple. I answer all the big “What if…?” questions. This is also where I discuss the legal aspects of escort work and what happens if you are arrested. Although this summary is short, the section won’t be.

Section XIV: Your Personal Life

For some ladies, this is the area they will struggle with most. I discuss the most worrisome question first: do I tell? I talk about making friends in the business, and romantic relationships. Most importantly, I discuss personal security. Although you may not have to protect yourself from an overly-aggressive client, you might have to protect yourself from a nosy neighbor instead. Taking care of your personal life is crucial to maintaining the balance that keeps you happy, healthy, and sane.