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Summary of Book 2: Advertising and Marketing

Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online

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Section V: An Online Overview

The series focuses on independent escorts, but sometimes using a good agency makes sense. Take a tour through some Web sites that are important for Internet escorts to be aware of. Don’t skip this section! A basic understanding of the elements of advertising and reviews is covered as you visit the various sites listed.

Section VI: How Internet Escorts Advertise

If you don’t advertise in some way, no one will know you’re out there. Although I include a little information on offline advertising, my focus is on using the Net for your advertising. Learn the various forms of advertising available to you (probably more than you think!). A hint: CraigsList BackPage is not the be-all, end-all of online advertising for escorts. Learn what USC 2257 is and how it affects you. And learn a little about ethical advertising and ways of making the most of the tools at your disposal. Although I mention some Web sites, this isn’t a review of advertising sites. It’s an examination of using various advertising methods.

Section VII: Marketing Your Image

Learn what an escort’s image is and how to create your own. This is important because your image is what you’re really selling. Target your ads/Web site to appeal to exactly the clients you want.

How much should you charge? Enough for you to accomplish whatever goals you want. An honest look at your finances and a simple math formula gives you the answer you need. Don’t allow the false economics of escort work keep you from earning what you should.

Even though what you say is important, no one will stop to look at your ad if your pictures aren’t great. The best way to get good pictures is by using a professional photographer. If that’s currently beyond your budget, never fear! You get plenty of simple, DIY information from someone who has a degree in photography (me!).

Put everything together and write your ad. It’s a little different from writing your Web site text, though. For one thing, you have less room on your ad. And potential clients expect certain information in the ad that may or may not be repeated on your Web site.

Section VIII: Web Sites

This is where it could get complicated. You non-technical readers are the ones that need this the most! So please read and learn. Why? Web designers who are willing to take advantage of escorts are a dime a dozen. Knowledge is the only defense you have. After this section, you can analyze their offers and tell them they’re full of it. Take your money to a designer who’ll put it to good use.

What if you want to build your own site? Well, this isn’t a Web design book, but I do discuss buying a domain name and hosting, SEO (search engine optimization), using free sites, what sort of info clients do and don’t want on your site, writing for your site, good and bad Web site design, and a DIY step-by-step process to getting a few simple pages up — including links and images.

Honestly, although Web sites are extremely important for escorts, it’s not as complicated or mysterious as everyone thinks. I give you the power of knowledge. Use it to your advantage!

Section IX: Marketing and Clients

All this advertising and marketing is done with one goal: to make you money. You make money only after clients contact you and you set successful appointments. Here the focus is on the various ways of communicating with clients and how best to handle communications. The other half of the section focuses on how your marketing extends to your appointments. After carefully building an image, you can’t just show up in jeans and a t-shirt expecting your clients to be satisfied. Your appearance, dress, behavior and environment make a huge difference in whether or not your clients return. Returning clients means you’ve built a successful business.

Section X: Further Thoughts

All those little bits that didn’t belong elsewhere in the book, such as what to do if you’re not a smashing success (there’s more options than just lowering your rates and hoping for the best). Or what about sites that lift your ads or other girls who copy your text? How do you give yourself a “raise?” Is creating separate identities ethical? More questions are covered, this is just an idea of the level of discussion you can expect.

The book closes with a few appointment tips, leaving you ready to face the world. Of course, the next step is all that business administration stuff! That’s a whole book in itself, Book #3, to be exact.

Book 2 Extras

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