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author of Working: My Life as a Prostitute,

Every woman considering an adult entertainment career should buy this book and take the advice that Amanda is providing. This book has vital information you will need to know. It’s a perfect companion to read with my book, Working: My Life as Prostitute. Mandatory reading!


author of Stripped: Twenty Years of Secrets From Inside
the Strip Club

In a monumentally brave, honest and noble undertaking, Amanda
Brooks–instead of apologizing for or rationalizing her life as an escort–has
taken it upon herself to inform and educate. The straight forward logic and
honesty of this book is intoxicating. The intelligence and knowledge of the
author is profound. The spirit of compassion for humanity in which it was
written is overwhelmingly endearing.

While much of the world is squeezing their eyes shut and proclaiming,
“It’s not there, it’s not there, it’s not there…,” Ms. Brooks takes the rest of us
gently by the hand and guides us through.

The book reads much like it must be to be a client of the author; gentle,
reassuring, honest comforting, but with an undeniably sexually charged edge
that compels. Coming to the end of this book, I imagine, is much like coming
to the end of a session with Ms. Brooks; melancholy, but excited at the
prospect of the next encounter. For comfort, the book could be read over and
over while awaiting the next in the series. There is no fear that the pages
would become less intriguing with familiarity.

Amanda Brooks may be the closest to an American Geisha we will ever
see; the cultivation of what is beautiful in human interaction transcends even
the author’s exceptions, I think. The book was designed to educate, inform
and improve the lives of internet escorts, but it is clear, there is no man or
woman who could not benefit from the wisdom of this book.

If every man and woman, in any personal or business relationship,
would take to heart the vast intimate knowledge of personal relationships this
book offers, it would be difficult to imagine great harmony would not follow.
This should be required reading for every woman and man who has ever
wondered about the why’s and how’s of the opposite sex.

I imagine this book series will also be indispensable for any woman
whose totality of experience with men–and knowledge of what it is to be a
woman–has come at the callous hands of men themselves. Amanda Brooks
offers honest and loving advice; something every mother should offer her
daughter, but does not, either for lack of fortitude, or knowledge.

I may have learned as much about women and my relation to them in
the first fifty pages of this book as I learned in my first forty years of life.

It is impossible to deny the unabashed detail of this book, and it is the
detail which lends to the knowledge that what you are reading is genuine and
ultimately authoritative. It is what you would hope from Warren Buffett writing
on the stock market if he had the same sense of humanity and consideration
as Ms. Brooks has toward her business.

This is not what you can get from a journalist or professional author
doing research into this field. This is a world that can not be accessed from
the outside. It takes one from the inside to open this door.

Just as Bill Gates has the final word on how to become the richest man in
the world, so does Amanda Brooks have the final word on the business of the
Internet escort.

This book is pulling back the curtain to a whole universe which I never
knew existed, and I can’t thank the author enough for the revelations.

Anyone who doesn’t read this book may be denying themselves the
most unique educational experience of their lives.