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Summary of Book: 1 The Foundation

Basic Mental, Emotional and Physical Considerations in Escort Work

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The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 1: The Foundation is an unprecedented, honest look into Internet-based escort work. The first book in this must-read series answers every question you’ve ever had — whether you’re an escort, thinking about it or merely curious. The basic issues of escort work affect all escorts, regardless of where they advertise. Avoid painful and often harmful newbie mistakes. (View the complete Table of Contents now!)

Section I: Myths and Definitions

Directly from the book, the top 10 escort myths — in PDF or HTML Find out why they’re myths. (And if you believe some of them, maybe you’ll gain a new perspective.) Learn the terms used throughout the series, vital to understanding the online escort industry. And, for the first time ever, a short history of Internet escorts.

Section II: Personal and Physical Considerations

Escort work requires you to be a people-person. It’s something that’s hard to fake! What wears you down over time? What can you do to restore your energy and perspective? What are subtle symptoms of beginning burnout? The personal effects of escort work are discussed throughout the book (and the series).

The physical considerations require more from you than just being thin and blonde. Being an escort requires taking care of yourself, inside and out, in ways that will maximize your profits while keeping you happy and safe. Enjoy simple tips to making yourself look better and find the confidence to stop agonizing over every little thing.

Section III: Your Health and Personal Boundaries

This is where The Internet Escort’s Handbook gives you the foundation for safe and sane escort work. All aspects of an escort’s physical health are covered (including the always popular, “What do you do during your period?” question!). Sexual health risks encompass a lot more than AIDS and herpes.

There are a lot of emotional pitfalls involved with being an escort and it is very hard to prepare for them if you’re not aware of what the job really requires from you. (Surprise, it’s not sex!) An escort’s emotional health is just as crucial as her physical health and safety…if not more so! The mental/emotional aspects of escort work are discussed in detail. Safeguarding an escort’s emotional health ensures she will retire a happy person.

Section IV: How to Sample Escort Work or Testing the Waters

Curious about trying escort work? Not willing to wait? Be aware that these suggestions are only for the adventurous and secure!

The differences between incall and outcall, their pros and cons are briefly covered. More incall/outcall discussion is planned throughout the series.

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Isn’t this 101 for escorts?

Of course, it’s called The Foundation. But…a former client of mine booked a multi-hour appointment with a prominent high-end escort. She apparently hadn’t bothered to shower and her legs were unshaven. I doubt she’ll ever buy my book because she probably thinks there is nothing she doesn’t already know.

The “obvious” is not always obvious.