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The Internet Escort Handbook series

This is the first series of its kind to be published. These are books of information about options within a particular field.

Solid information about being an escort is difficult to find. When I stopped stripping and began working as an escort, I realized I had found my ideal job. I was successful, happy and no longer grinding my teeth at night from the stress of trying to fit my personality into a job that didn’t fit me. I have a feeling I’m not the only woman who has discovered this hidden secret.

I had a lot of questions when I started escorting, but there was no one source that could answer all of them; most of the answers came with time. It’s very hard to find thorough information on being an Internet escort, even though the Internet is teeming with escort Web sites, discussion and review boards, and hundreds of advertising malls.

The purpose behind this series is to encourage escorts to be smart in what they do and to do it well. There is no reason to take needless risks in this business, and no reason to not make as much money as you can, since this job has a relatively short shelf life. Clients complain about the lack of intelligent, pretty, level-headed, and reliable girls on the Net. I hope that more escorts become true businesswomen and not only satisfy this market demand, but attract quality clients, have good experiences, and become successful. To accomplish this, escorts must know how to take care of themselves, carefully screen potential clients, and develop a well thought-out marketing angle.

This series is written from a specific perspective for a specific audience. I’m speaking from the perspective of a female escort in the U.S. whose clientele is heterosexual men. If you’re looking for answers on how to get into the male escort world, you will have to seek them elsewhere. Although I did not accept appointments with couples, a lot of escorts do. I have interviewed some of these escorts to add that perspective to these books.

This series is aimed at the mid-range level of escort who charges $300-500 per hour, whether singly or in multiple hours. Girls who charge less than this are usually undercutting themselves, and they should charge more if they possibly can. For the exceptional, I also include information and resources on becoming a high-end escort. (Book 2 offers a lot of discussion on becoming a high-end escort.)

I will probably offend a lot of people along the way, though that is not the intent of this series. If something I’ve written angers you, take a deep breath and step back from the book. Remember why I wrote this in the first place (scroll up a couple paragraphs). For any men who are reading this series, remember that I’ve written this from the female perspective for the benefit of female escorts. Happy escorts make for happy clients, so put your ego in your pocket and try out a new angle on the whole business. Buy Book 1: The Foundation or Book 2: Advertising and Marketing today!

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