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You’re here, so I assume you’re reading The Internet Escort’s Handbook Book 2: Advertising and Marketing. Although the domains I mentioned in there were just for fun, I thought I might as well buy them. They could be useful (and I really liked a couple of them).

This is a small experiment I’m doing out of curiosity. You could do a lot worse than buy a domain mentioned in a book a lot of men are going to read.

How does this work?

I’m not domain-squatting for huge profits. If you’re an escort and you really want one of the domains I mentioned, you can have it for $100. Send an introductory letter to: domains [AT] theinternetescortshandbook [DOT] com and tell me why you should get this domain (or why you need it). Bonus points if you can explain how it fits into your image (i.e., applying lessons learned from Book #2). I’m interested only in hearing from escorts. Agencies, domain-squatters and anyone else need not apply.

This domain is registered through and has a public registration — in my name. The WHOIS information may not change after the tranfer, which gives you an added layer of privacy.

Transferring the name requires you set up your own domain account using whatever service you choose and initiating the transfer. I’ll need to give you some codes in order to accomplish this. Most domain registrars charge a transfer fee (the fees vary — you pay the fees to them, not me), as well as whatever they charge for your first year of registration. Then it’s yours!